Eufy RoboVac 11 Review: Best Entry Level Robot?

Eufy RoboVac 11 Review: Best Entry Level Robot?

Function (A+):

  • One of the most important things with a robot vacuum is that it keeps chugging and doesn’t stall due to the bin filling up, running out of battery or get caught. Deebot outperforms Roomba in this respect because:
  • The advertised battery runtime is 100 minutes, but my tests showed it’s longer. Roomba runs for an hour.
  • The dustbin holds 450 ml compared with Roomba’s 300 ml dustbin. That’s 50% more.
  • It seems to take better routes and fewer risks making it get stuck less.
  • Eufy 11 has four cleaning modes. The automatic mode is what you’ll use most of the time, but you can spot or edge clean and there’s a new extra power mode for tough spots.
  • It doesn’t bump baseboards as hard as other robot vacuums.
  • Roomba doesn’t include a remote. Eufy comes with remote, and it’s great with the ability to change modes or manually control it.
  • Eufy 11 is slimmer and lighter than Roomba by a solid margin. It’s seven pounds and only three inches tall.
  • The dustbin is easier to clean and take out.

Suction (A-):

  • It’s a beast on hardwood floors and does a decent job on thin carpet, but it doesn’t work well on thick carpeting.
  • In my testing with ground up tortilla chips and flour, Eufy 11 was the top performer on hardwood.
  • None of the vacuums that I looked at were great on carpets.

Software (C):

  • There’s no app for scheduling, but the remote is great for this.

Noise (A+):

  • The decibel readings aren’t as drastic as the real-life sound, but it’s the quietest robot vacuum that I’ve ever tested.

Who is this for?

You want the best robot vacuum under $300; Eufy 11 is the best in that price range. The most important thing a robot vacuum can do is to keep cleaning without getting stuck. Eufy delivers a long runtime and great suction. The only thing missing is a reputable name, but because it’s only $200, you should be OK replacing it when it dies.