The Biggest Technology Breakthrough Since the Internet

The Biggest Technology Breakthrough Since the Internet

For most of 2021, I’ve been living two lives.

Subscribers see me talk about tech devices, but as soon as I finish writing and editing a video, my head goes straight to crypto (Bitcoin, Ethereum, NFTs, DAOs, etc.).

I’ve been fortunate enough to choose exactly what I want to work on, so it’s strange when my work life isn’t fully aligned with where my head’s at.

Why not just write about crypto?

More than 100k people read or watch something I write monthly, with the expectation that I’ll cover tech devices. Being a reviewer isn’t my end game. Eventually, I’d like to build something for the crypto community, or at the very least mix in some blockchain-related blog posts to help educate people about the technology. But either way, I won’t stop review things for a long time.

I’m emailing today to learn your perspective on crypto.

Let me tell you my perspective first. I’ve been attracted to crypto for a long time, and finally went all-in on Bitcoin (and blockchain technology) after the epic 2017 crash.

I see crypto as a giant technological breakthrough that provides a way to prove digital ownership (currency, collectible, etc.) without the need for trust in third parties. Less reliance on politicians, central bankers, the media, big tech, and others in power could lead to a more free and fair society.

Decentralized banking and social media apps are gaining traction too. For example, if you’re willing to put up collateral, you can get a loan within five minutes with no human approval involved (all code).

On the other hand, many see crypto as a giant Ponzi scheme that’s destroying the environment due to the huge amounts of electricity it uses.

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. The critics are right to be wary of crypto because 99% of the projects will most likely go to zero, but many haven’t done their homework to understand why blockchain technology exists in the first place.

So I made a five question multiple-choice survey to see where you stand. Just reply to this email if you have more to say. Let’s talk crypto!



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